Facts and Figures

Outline of Key European Territorial Dynamics

ESPON Fact and Figures_CoverNovember 2014 - This publication provides brief, factual information on a selection of important key figures and main territorial trends affecting European regions, specific types of territories, metropolitan regions, cities and rural regions.

This booklet is based on the European Territorial Monitoring System (ETMS), a platform developed by ESPON aimed at providing a continuous monitoring of territorial trends and structures in Europe. The booklet follows the structure of the ETMS platform that takes up the five themes, listed below, corresponding to approx. 30 territorial indicators. For each theme, the selected indicators are chosen to reflect the current debate and policy aims related to European territorial development and cohesion.

(1) Economic competitiveness (innovative, effective, resilient and open economies);

(2) Environmental qualities (energy efficiency, managing environmental quality, land and resource potentials);

(3) Human capital (people on move, ageing society, skills and education);

(4) Social inclusion (creating new jobs for all, living standards / territorial attractiveness, promoting social and spatial inclusion, and efficient modes of service provision);

(5) Access to territory and services (state of transport accessibility, intensity and patterns of territorial cooperation, evolution of the digital infrastructure).

Within these five themes, the booklet adresses the teritorial dimension of the following dynamics:

  • Economic growth across Europe
  • Labour market and innovation
  • Greening of energy sources
  • Managing of environmental issues
  • Population growth in urban regions
  • Ageing in Europe
  • Employment for cosial inclusion
  • Social divides
  • Connectivity of territories
  • Delivery of services of general economic interest

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