Territorial and urban aspects of migration and refugee inflow

pbmigationrefugeesNovember 2015 - Europe has witnessed an inflow of a large number of people over the last years. As a consequence of the geopolitical instability in the Middle East and Africa, migration and refugee flows towards Europe have increased with significant territorial impacts on European countries, regions and cities. This situation has resulted in the largest movement of people to European countries since the Second World War. It brings challenges for regions and cities but also territorial development opportunities.

Indeed, the recent events related to the Syrian civil war and the subsequent influx of refugees towards Europe have increased the need to define effective measures in Europe, its regions and cities need new approaches in managing this unprecedented migration crisis. Many efforts are already in place in welcoming and managing the many migrants and refugees. Moreover, while a European response is currently being debated it is important to learn and be aware of the territorial and urban aspects of the current refugee inflow to Europe.

The ESPON Policy Brief "Territorial and urban aspects of migration and refugee inflow" is available below.

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