Territorial Implication of Better Regulation for Europe towards 2050

03_BetterRegulation_0516May 2016 - Better Regulation, with the aim to lead to EU policies achieving their objectives in the most effective and efficient way, is one of the central themes of the Dutch EU-Presidency. Upon request the ESPON EGTC analysed possible long-term effects in case the design and implementation of the regulatory framework would not be aligned with Better Regulation.

This policy brief shows the necessity of better regulation by addressing two types of EU policies: Cohesion policy and the Transport Infrastructure policy. Comparing better and less efficient regulation conditions in relation to 3 territorial scenarios that assume alternative policy mixes towards promoting the development of (1) metropolitan areas, (2) the city network and (3) regions (smaller cities, more rural and lagging regions) respectively, the regional diversity of implications of less efficient regulation becomes evident.

The ESPON Policy Brief "Territorial Implication of Better Regulation for Europe towards 2050" is available below.

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