Territorial Scenarios for Europe 2050

Policy-Brief_Scenarios_Page_1Working-Paper_Scenarios_Page_01September 2015 - Territorial scenarios focusing on the development of metropolitan regions, of cities or of regions will towards 2050 deliver the same level of economic growth for Europe. However, attention to the development of cities seems to have a slight advantage towards 2030.

An evolution during 2020-2050 gradually unleashing more and more growth potential for cities and regions will, assuming technological progress, lead to a significant reduction of regional disparities in relative terms, and deliver the highest overall economic growth for Europe with more limited environmental impacts in terms of land-take, transport and energy demand.

ESPON Policy Brief “Territorial Scenarios for Europe towards 2050", including the Working Paper, are available below.

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Policy Brief "Territorial Scenarios for Europe towards 2050"

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Working Paper "Territorial Scenarios for Europe"

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Scenario B

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Scenario C

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