Poster - Global freight connectivity by road, rail, shipping, 2011

global-freight-connectivityKey Messages

1) Central and peripheral Europe has very different global freight connectivity, both for road and rail.

2) The location of the more important intercontinental ports in the North Sea area and poorer road infrastructure in the south, especially the Balkan area, create this diversity.

3) Rail shows better connectivity due to the larger time frame and the high density of intermodal centres.

4) Only for some more coastal regions, container ports are reachable within the three predefined time thresholds for road, rail and sea shipping.

5) Infrastructure development in the south, south-east and north-east is improving port connectivity to the hinterland and increases the potential for new gateways.



More information

TRACC - TRansport ACCessibility at regional/local scale and patterns in Europe


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