Third ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report

Territories finding a New Momentum:
Evidence for Policy Development,
Growth and Investment

Results by July 2013

ESPON_SYNTHESIS_REPORT_3September 2014 - ESPON presents in this report a third synthesis of findings building on applied research undertaken up to the summer 2014 by transnational research teams from all over Europe, working together in 66 projects.

It presents new insights on Europe in the world and its neighbourhood, key territorial partners in Europe including macro-regions, the development of urban and rural areas, as well as areas with geographical specificities, and is garnished with examples from targeted analysis that have been initiated, delivered and used by stakeholders in Member and Partner States, regions and cities providing a European perspective on themes of their interest.

The report is in particular relating the discussion of Europe’s territorial diversity, potentials and challenges to the context of the economic crisis - although a lot of the research has been carried out before the territorial impacts of the crisis could be studied and analysed.

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Third ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report

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Map 1 'The spread of the crisis, 2006-2011'

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Map 2 'Demographic trends, 1990-2010'

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Map 3 'Active population with high education, 2010'

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Map 4 'Transport network and demographic density in Europe and its neighbourhood, ca 2010'

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Map 5 'Employment resilience, 2011'

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Map 6 'Multimodal accessibility potential, 2011'

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Map 7 'Aggregated hazard exposure potential'

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Map 8 'The size and distribution of Europe's cities'

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Map 9 'Growth rates in capitals and second-tier cities 2007-2011'

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Map 10 'Small and medium-sized towns and regional population growth, 2001-2011'

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Map 11 'Performance of rural regions, 2013'

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Map 12 'Hotspots of land use change, 1990-2006'

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Map 13 'Regions with specific geographical characteristics'

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Map 14 'ESPON Network 2008-2014'

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Figure 1 'Seven major characteristics of the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland in the world'

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Figure 2 'Change in total disposable household income, 2008-2012'

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Figure 3 'Traffic light example of the Alpine Space: smart, susstainable, inclusive growth'

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Figure 4 'Traffic light example of the Mediterranean Area: smart, sustainable, inclusive growth'

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Figure 5 'Share of national growth amongst different types of cities 2000-2011'

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Figure 6 'Small and medium-sized towns by profile of economic activity in some countries and regions'

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Presentation 'Third ESPON Synthesis Report' at the ESPON Day 10 October 2014

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