Territorial Dynamics in Europe: Gateway Functions in Cities

TO-9_December-2013_coverDecember 2013 – In a globalised world, gateway cities are important focal points of social and economic development and receive considerable policy attention. Gateway cities are transport hubs, nodes in global financial systems, the location of research institutes in cutting-edge international innovation networks and places attracting international tourism.

In short, gateway cities are crucial for smart growth and Europe’s global competitiveness.

This Territorial Observation gives some insights into different types of gateway functions including major economic and business gateways, knowledge gateways, transport gateways and gateways with particular attractiveness.

Furthermore, it shows where in the territory which types of gateway functions are to be found. This evidence can support policy decisions about investments to strengthen gateways, smart growth and Europe’s global competitiveness.

ESPON Territorial Observation No. 9 on Territorial Dynamics in Europe - Gateway Functions in Cities is available below.

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