Territorial Dynamics in Europe: Regions Integrating Land and Sea

coverAugust 2013 – Europe’s seas have great potentials for contributing to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, as regards economic growth and renewable energy. In recent years, the role and importance of maritime potentials has received increasing policy attention, as the idea of Blue Growth has developed.

This Territorial Observation presents different European seas and explores the diversity of maritime areas, including the identification of the core area, different hubs, maritime rural areas, hot and cold spots of land sea interaction and picks on some particular dimensions of it, such as different types of flows and blue energy potentials.

The publication focuses on land sea interactions, including

  • the role of the maritime economy in a region (e.g. in the fields of shipbuilding, tourism, transport and fisheries),
  • the land sea flows (e.g. movement of people, goods, energy or information) and
  • the environmental pressures (e.g. pollution).

Like other territorial potentials, the potentials for maritime development are not equally distributed across all parts of Europe.

ESPON Territorial Observation No. 8 on Territorial Dynamics in Europe - Regions Integrating Land and Sea, including maps and figures, is available below.

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