Training on the ESPON Database Portal
Open territorial data


Bratislava, Slovakia

Crown Plaza Hotel Bratislava

27 June 2019

Hodžovo námestie 2
816 25 Bratislava

ESPON Database Portal

The ESPON Database Portal unleashes the potential of the original ESPON data (not found elsewhere), including up-to-date sets of base indicators with complete time-series on themes including demography, economy, environment and others, covering the ESPON space (European Union plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

The data included in the ESPON Database originates from European institutions such as EUROSTAT and EEA, complemented with data from all ESPON projects. This training will introduce the functionalities of the database portal in an effort to ensure an autonomous use of the portal in future.

This database includes more than 700 indicators grouped in 12 thematic categories, easy to discover and navigate through a user-friendly interface, which allows visualization through graphics and maps.


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Training Programme

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Training Guidance

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