Policy | August 05, 2020


Policy | May 18, 2020

Population ageing raises common challenges for cities: to adapt their environments physically and socially, so that older people’s quality of life remains unaffected. This challenge has become even more

Policy | October 28, 2019

A transition towards a circular economy does not happen by itself; it needs to be supported and encouraged by policy and planning. Regions and cities are recognised to be well positioned to carry out the

Polycentric development
Policy | June 22, 2017

Polycentric territorial patterns encourage more balanced development between regions and more co-operative urban-rural relationships. Critical economic mass is created by combining the efforts of urban

Policy | January 28, 2016

This is a supportive page of our ESPON publication "Territorial Evidence for the Future of Europe". You can download it at the end of this pageShrinking Rural Places Policy Brief - Shrinking rural