Vimmerby - PROFECY

Each case study within the PROFECY project looks into real inner peripheral problems and by applying the theoretical concepts and analysing the critical factors and drivers in the inner peripheral processes aims to improve practical responses. The Vimmerby municipality in the South of Sweden is facing a declining and ageing population, a lack of housing, low levels of education, an unskilled labour market and low access to SGIs. This case study discusses how the municipality of Vimmerby, despite a period of economic stability, still shares many of the key features of inner peripheralization common to other Swedish rural areas and how their social local development strategy helps to address these challenges.

Identity :

Case study: Vimmerby 

Country: Sweden (SE) 

Project: Processes, Features and Cycles of Inner Peripheries in Europe (PROFECY) 

Delivery: 12/2017

Population: 15,636 (2016)

Classification: NUTS3


D5 Annex 16. Case study report. Vimmerby (Sweden).pdf

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