YUTRENDS - Youth Unemployment: Territorial Trends and Regional Resilience

Theme: Youth unemployment 


More than 4.5 million young people (aged 15-24 years) are unemployed today in the EU. Younger generations have been hardest hit by the fallout from the global financial crisis than most other groups. Today’s situation reflects a serious and structural problem. The EU has established the Youth Guarantee to ensure that all EU Member States make a good-quality offer to all young people up to age 25 of a job, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within four months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. Delivering a Youth Guarantee provides the basis for major structural reform measures in the mid- and longer term. The main objective of the research is to provide territorial evidence on youth unemployment trend and to propose recommendations for how territorial cohesion policy can contribute to strengthening the resilience in European regions against youth unemployment and enhancing the implementation of the Youth Guarantee, Youth Employment and the EURES Initiatives.

Policy questions

  • What territorial patterns and trends of youth unemployment and migration can be identified in Europe, its regions and cities?
  • Can levels of youth unemployment be linked to the regional resilience and long-term structural governance?
  • What are the best practices among European regions in promoting youth employment and achieving the Youth Guarantee? How is ESIF supporting youth employment creation?
  • How can best-practices be transferred to other regions and how can Cohesion Policy be mobilised to support long-term structural reform to promote youth employment?


  • ICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbH, DE

Project Support Team

  • Petra Goran, EC DG REGIO
  • Aran Narain, UK

Budget: € 499,000.00

Lifetime: October 2017 – April 2019


  • Inception delivery, 18 December 2017
  • Interim delivery, 17 July 2018
  • Draft Final delivery, 17 December 2018
  • Final delivery, 17 April 2019

Contact: Michaela Gensheimer (Senior Project Expert) [email protected], Johannes Kiersch (Financial Expert) [email protected]


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