Targeted Analysis: Putting clean energy transition policies into practice in central Europe - CleanEnergy4CE

This targeted analysis aims to investigate how energy policies at different governance levels can support the acceleration of clean energy transition in central Europe (CE). It should deliver new territorial evidence on the readiness and capacities of local and regional authorities for reaching climate neutrality. Furthermore, it should identify the opportunities and challenges for establishing energy transition policies within the CE territories that can be supported through transnational cooperation and tailored governance mechanisms.

The targeted analysis should cover the energy transition in CE with a specific focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and, greenhouse gas emission reduction.

The City of Vienna (AT) is the Lead Stakeholder together with the:

Ministry for Cohesion and Regional Development (SI), 

Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy (PL), 

Ministry of Climate and Environment (PL), 

Ministry of Regional Development (CZ), 

Ministry of the Environment (CZ), 

The Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources (CZ), 

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SK), 

Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (HR), 

Interact Programme (EU), 

Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management (AT)

Ministry for Energy, Electricity Department (HU).

A call for tenders for this project is expected to be launched in 2023.